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Old Washington, Ohio-Agricultural Building

Post-frame buildings are NOT just “pole barns” anymore.  Although, in the beginning, they were used for horse barns and other agricultural buildings, almost any low-rise building may be most quickly constructed using post-frame design. Many people mistakenly identify them as “metal buildings” because metal cladding and metal roofing are common, almost any type siding, roofing or other architectural features may be used with post-frame. They also can be insulated to make them more energy efficient than other types of buildings.

Post-frame is often used for commercial buildings, industrial buildings, commercial/retail buildings, public buildings, religious buildings, residential buildings and accessory buildings. In fact, post-frame is ideal for most types of low-rise buildings (typically three stories or less).

Consider post-frame for your next garage or residential accessory building, airplane hangar, riding arena/equestrian facility, public building or residential building.

Other Post-Frame constructed buildings have been used for churches, office buildings, retail establishments, industrial facilities, convenience stores, strip malls, schools, worksheds, firehouses, community buildings, machinery storage, warehouses, country clubs, pavilions, multi-family housing and single-family homes. Post-frame is also ideal for retrofit, remodel and renovation projects on existing structures.


Freeport, Ohio-Barn

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